10 Best Places to Visit in Thailand Before You Die

Idyllic islands scattered about, wild parties, phenomenal beaches, chill mountain towns, bustling cities, and outdoor activities galore are just a few of the perks of the best places to visit in Thailand before you die. Once you land in the country, you will be blown away by the sights and smells that are Thailand. The culture and history will sweep you away as you wander around ancient temples and your eyes will be dazzled by the incredible karst mountains that jet out of the deep blue sea. There truly is something for everyone in “The Land of Smiles.”

One reserve you might have on traveling to Thailand is safety. As in many places across the globe – or even your hometown – precautions must be taken. Don’t travel down dimly lit streets at night, be defensive, stay in populated areas, etc. The country truly is spectacular, and very easily can be navigated with precaution. There are plenty of beautiful and safe places to visit in Mexico too, despite the country’s reputation for crazy crime lords. Stop worrying, it would be a shame to miss these best places to visit in Thailand before you die!

10. Railay

Located in the indescribably amazing Krabi province, Railay is a blissful getaway from the busy mainland towns. While this is not an island, a boat is the only way to reach it due to the massive karst rocks that surround it. It has everything a tourist needs, without over doing it. Nice resorts, great eateries, spectacular beaches, and activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, and rock climbing. Enough said, no more reasons needed!

Banana Republic images/shutterstock.com

Banana Republic images/shutterstock.com