10 Most Expensive Homes for Sale in America

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It’s no secret that not all of us can afford to live in one of the most expensive homes for sale in America. But, that doesn’t stop us from dreaming right? If we did win some big lottery or suddenly joined the nouveau riche community overnight, just who would pass up the chance of living in these sprawling mansions in one of the world’s most advanced countries?

You might be thinking of palaces and castles but the most expensive homes for sale in America right now even manage to surpass those with their state of the art amenities and some of them even have their own in-house theaters, spas, pools and more, topped off with modern décor, chic interiors and lavish exteriors. Lounging in the outdoor pools of any one of them, basking in the sun and soaking up the sheer extravagance of the atmosphere while sipping from a glass of martini, might be the ultimate fantasy of high life we dream of. But, come to think of it, for some potential home-owners that might just be a daily affair.

For the more romantic ones who would like to live their life the fairytale style in some suave European country or are on a lookout for options around the world or might just wondering where the richest of rich live on the planet, check out The Ten Most Expensive Homes in the World. Who knows you might even find the lavish mansion used in the filming of The Godfather in the list!

Well some of those homes might be taken but the most expensive homes for sale in America right now are still available for you to consider if you are a multi-millionaire looking for the perfect home that will make your social circle turn green, or one of them might just be the address where your favorite celebrities might end up living in near future. Either way, this is one list that is worth checking out to see that the most expensive homes for sale in America only spell sheer class and magnificence.

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