10 Best Places to Visit in Africa Before You Die

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Do you want to know the best places to visit in Africa before you die? Are you planning on a year-round African tour? You are lucky because this post is just for you! In this post, you can take note of the safest destinations in Africa that offers wonderful sights! Everyone has dreamed of a wild and rough adventure in their life and that’s what Africa promises to you. When it comes to hunting the richest forests to taking selfies with the animals, from living a young life in a remote place on Earth called Africa- this is certainly the right place for you to go! Yes, you have heard of the countless stories about the flesh-eating tribes and endless wars: it’s what the media wants you to see. Behind the camera, Africa is an untouched chunk of land thirsty for appreciation of nature explorers. It’s the most suggested place to wander on Earth if you seek a deeper meaning in your life!

Best Places to Visit in Africa Before You Die

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The best time to visit Africa is any time you’re ready to face its wilderness. Just like our article about the 10 great places to travel in Africa, we’ll give you tips about the beautiful and safe places in Africa that you can travel freely to have a zero-worry travel. Of course, a rough adventure doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your health and safety just to make the most of your African tour. It’s more of appreciating the natural beauty and scenic space of places in Africa.

Are you pretty excited to know the safest and beautiful sights in Africa? No worries, we will not be holding you for a long time. Just remember, just because it’s Africa, doesn’t mean it’s not safe. You can have a great time wandering around the continent without having to think about your safety because we’ll now give you the best places to visit in Africa before you die!

10. Botswana

Botswana is a former British Colony but as soon as they got their freedom as a nation, they have the most stable democracy in whole Africa which makes it a perfect destination for travellers because the country is safe and easy to explore. In fact, getting around is never a problem for most of the citizens in Botswana speak English which makes everything easier. You must try the “mokoro” ride to experience a breathtaking canoeing moment of your life! You can watch the daily life of the elephants, zebras, and hippos too!


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