11 Countries with the Most Beautiful Beaches In the World

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We created a list of the top countries with the most beautiful beaches in the world dedicated to the ones who are itching to cool themselves from the summer heat! If your beach back home just went deadbeat, why don’t you try going out of the town to discover what the countries offer when it comes to beautiful and soothing beaches? You deserve to seek more “vitamin sea” especially the “D” from the sun. If you are planning a grand vacation with the whole family or even with your own squad, you must definitely try the beaches that are away from your comfort zone! Besides from having a fine and hot sand, plus the turquoise water, not every beach is the same. It is recommended for you to try something new so you can explore other places and cultures too. Moreover, reward yourself with a relaxing trip to the most beautiful beaches in the world because who deserves to be killed in their office chair due to the exhaustion from that poor little 9 to 5 job? No one deserves that. So get your phone, book your trip, and enjoy the happiness at the beach!

If you’re having a doubt about riding a plane just to get to another country for a costly beach trip, think again. You just don’t keep calm and pretend you’re at the beach, okay? You buy your plane ticket and get your body and mind to Tahiti or Hawaii. What are you saving up for? You have to live in the now and mind the bills later. Life is truly happier at the beach (at least for the days that you’re going to stay there), there’s no question in that. Your dream vacation to the Greek Islands and your tanning session at Cuba- there’s really no other place like your second home, which is the beach.

Whether you are imagining yourself surfing, paragliding, snorkelling or simply dipping in the cool waters, we give you what you need. You can expect our travel tips and hacks to be in this post as well just like what we had in our previous post about the top 10 places to visit before you die. Get ready to pose your beach body because here are the top countries with the most beautiful beaches in the world!

11. Spain

Most beautiful beach: Formentera Islands
Spain is one of the countries with the most beautiful beaches. There are many activities you can enjoy doing while staying at the beach in Formentera Islands. You can try the island’s thriller- windsurfing. Or you can lay low for an afternoon tan and party wild by night time.


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