The 11 Top Selling Sports Video Games of All Time

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Your search for the perfect sports game is over as we bring you the 11 top selling sports video games. Over the decades video games have received a good number of breakthroughs and it’s astounding how each generation of new technology pushes boundaries and integrates society into a virtual interactive world. With new technology and innovations on the rise, one aspect of our reality that has become a mainstay in the video gaming world is sports.

The annual release of new games for different sports genres are a good indication of how much video game companies are earning releasing these kinds of games on the market. It’s all well justified, allowing fans and the like to be able to control and play their favourite players and teams, as well as give them the opportunity to live a virtual life managing or controlling someone on that career path. Some would even argue that it’s all the upsides minus the downsides of being in such competitive and risky sports. Even athletes take a break from time to time and play a few games of digital sports, playing digital versions of themselves or even their career rivals.

Regardless of the reason you’re into playing sports video games. These top selling sports video games will give you your money’s worth and can be enjoyed either individually or with friends. Remember though that for each game on this list, we consider the financial success of the franchise as well as the financial success and reception of their individual games. As most of the games in the list do yearly stand-alone updates to cater to new technologies and upgrades.

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Without further delay, here are the top 11 sports video games of all time:

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