10 Cheapest Countries to Live in for Americans

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Cities like New York might not be ideal for many Americans as the cost of living is too high there but here is our list of 10 cheapest countries to live in for Americans. If you have finished your high school and moved to a busy city like New York with high hopes, then you are not alone. We wish you all the luck, but if you are someone who is stuck in this situation, waiting for the opportunity to knock on your door – then you are not alone either. Many young adults move to big cities where they can work hard and fulfill their dreams but not everything goes as planned and some of these dreams never come true. Maybe it is time that you face the truth – the truth that it is not practically possible to afford big cities like New York. The Big Apple might not just be your apple.


No need to feel sad and trouble your parents by moving back with them. It is time to broaden your horizon and look at the whole world as your home. Explore your opportunities and try to find a home which is suited to all your needs. The idea of moving permanently to a new place sounds scary to many of us, but if you have skills like designing and writing or you can teach English abroad then let us tell you – “sky is the limit” You can live anywhere in the world! There are so many countries in the world that warmly welcomes Americans and provide just the right stop for your life so that you can move ahead in a more planned way. Your stay in countries like these can make you learn a great deal about other cultures, make friends, learn their traditional values and most of all make some money so that you can re-pay your loans back home.

You will face some difficulties as you try to settle abroad but if you have a nomadic spirit and an urge to explore and adventure then nothing can come between you and freedom and happiness. This post is particularly meant for Americans looking to settle abroad but if you’re not in US here is our list of 10 cheapest countries to live in the world.

Let’s quickly get to the main point and dive straight in our list of 10 cheapest countries to live in for Americans.

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