5 Worst Star Wars Video Games of All Time

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Our list of The 25 Best Star Wars Video Games of All-Time has been praised by many and so this time we are bringing our exclusive list of 5 worst star wars video games of all time. What makes computer game a hit depends upon many factors. Some of our readers would not agree to some of the names in the list but this is how it is. Some of the Star Wars games have been a great success in the past and it would not be wrong to say that creating a list of 5 worst Star Wars games, wasn’t an easy task. These video games exploded to the scene right after the franchise became a major hit in the 1970’s. Since then, neither the franchise nor the game developers have looked back. Fans of Star Wars are always waiting for a new game; a chance to get closer to the galaxy and far, far away from the world. This is the fact that makes this franchise so fruitful not only for people behind the camera but also for game developers. With expectations so high, there is a huge amount of pressure on game developers as critics can pounce on any weak link they come across. The fantasy world, star studded scenes full of intriguing characters are things that make Star Wars what it is today. It requires a lot of hard work and a great attention to detail, especially when it comes to creating a game. But this hard work is often very well rewarded. The recent performance and the quality of Star Wars games have been on a lower side, to say the least. Till date there have been more than 100 star Wars games and the majority of them have been good. It is not an easy task to separate bad from the good as fans of these games have such varied taste. With so many games to choose from, our list is definitely going to prove substantial in saving your time and efforts.



With EA in charge of all the future games, fans should get ready for some exciting times ahead.

With some fantastic Star Wars games that we have seen through decades, there have also been some of the less popular stuff – stinkers as some gamers would put it. It is important to note here that some of these games might be one of the favorites of some people.

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