11 Most Beautiful Airports in the World

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Wondering what are the most beautiful airports in the world? An airport consists of airfields to provide runways for airplanes and buildings used as terminals to load and unload passengers. And as an entryway to a country or a city, architectural highlights and great facilities are a necessity to measure the beauty of an airport. In addition to that, nice places to eat, awesome view, comfortable places to rest or work are some factors travellers are looking for to assess most beautiful airports in the world.

Why are we discussing the most beautiful airports anyway? Well, they may be “just” airports for you but aren’t you curious where the large portion of your airfare goes? How do we define a beautiful airport anyway? You’ll definitely find the justice of why your fares tend to increase from time to time, here, in this post. The airport tax money is used to improve the interior and exterior infrastructures one airport has. Who wouldn’t kill to be served by a comfy, clean, and secured airport? So make sure you have your notes with you to keep your eyes on the most beautiful airports in the world!

Although most travellers don’t have the time to appreciate the delightful airports because they are more concerned of their baggage claim, it still nice to see and experience a grand welcome to a new place. A Well-designed, serviceable and exceptional airport terminal offers traveller unforgettable journey once they step off the plane. It’s about creating an extraordinary and exciting entrance to a new world.

As mentioned in our article about the 10 biggest airports in the world, flying is a very big business and that airplane, airlines and airports are essential to travel industry. In this article, we will give you why having an exciting and beautiful grand welcome and remarkable spaces in departure areas inspire a lot of travellers.

Let’s snoop and check the 11 most beautiful airports in the world. Let the countdown begin:

11. Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport is a vast, global transport hub with two terminals, shopping facilities, and an express train station. It offers inexpensive shopping areas; restaurants, coffee shops and snack bars; free wireless Internet access and lounges to rest and take some naps. The airport also offers automated people mover that takes passengers from one terminal to another as well as electronic carts to carry passengers to and from the gates of their aircraft.  They also have smoking lounges and nursing room for their valued passengers.


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