These 7 Child Sex Trafficking Statistics in the US Will Make Your Blood Boil

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Brace yourself, as these 7 child sex trafficking statistics will make your blood boil and make your stomach turn.

Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, but it seems that this evil has never really disappeared. Modern-day slavery continues to plague the society, and it is present in all parts of the world. So many people are trafficked, abused, and forced to do despicable things every day while someone else earns huge amounts of money. Victims are both men and women, children and teenagers who are being traded for sexual exploitation and forced labor.

10 Worst Countries in Europe for Human Trafficking


Even though we are led to believe that human trafficking affects developing countries only, that is not true. Although, these countries may be more susceptible to modern slavery due to lack of alternatives and poverty. The African continent may be the most problematic region in the world when it comes to this issue. But developed countries are not spared as well. European countries are often the ideal place for the trafficking ’industry,’ and so are the United States. According to UNICEF, the United States is among the top destinations for victims of child trafficking and exploitation. The situation is not the same in all American states, but these 11 Worst States for Human Trafficking in America will show you how grave the situation is.

According to Scientific American, victims are forced into slavery as sex workers, beggars, child soldiers, factory workers and laborers in construction, mining, etc. We can only assume how incredibly difficult it is for these victims to go back to normal and recover from such traumatic, horrible events after they run away. Victims of child sex trafficking face significant psychological and health problems. We also compiled the list of 9 Must Read Articles About Human Trafficking in the United States in 2017, which can give you more insight into the matter.

Child sex trafficking may be the worse kind of human trafficking as innocent children are taken away and abused until they become useless. What angers us is the fact that there are still very few convictions even though child sex trafficking happens everywhere. Despite the seriousness of this problem, the world seems to look the other way when faced with child sex trafficking facts. Part of the problem lies in the fact that resources to fight human trafficking are scarce in many countries and so traffickers remain free to do what they do.

It is hard to believe that anyone could abuse and sexually exploit young boys and girls. So why are children targeted? Children are targeted by traffickers because it is easier to manipulate them than adults. But there is another reason, young boys and girls can earn them more money as well. Child sex trafficking in the US is a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the largest sources of profit for the global organized crime.

In an attempt to raise awareness of this horrifying crime, we investigated the issue and found countless child sex trafficking statistics that will make your stomach turn. While doing our research, we relied on sources like THORN and Ark of Hope for the Children. We compiled a list statistics which although frightening, deserve to be heard of, for the sake of raising awareness. These 7 child sex trafficking statistics will make your blood boil.

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