21 Countries with the Purest, Best Tasting Tap Water in the World

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If you are traveling around much, you might be interested which countries with purest, best tasting tap water in the world are. This is a fairly important issue for the travels (just to mention one of the reasons for the importance of pure tap water) because the most common unpleasant and nevertheless common sicknesses when traveling are connected to water.

Water, of course, comes from nature and natural resources. Since the matter of clean drinking water is becoming more and more serious question, countries with the most uncontaminated natural springs and water supplies can be considered fortunate ones. According to some scientific researches, Chile has one of the purest natural water in the world. Scientists doing the research have been using instruments which can detect bad chemical compounds that are two parts per million, and they literally found nothing in Chilean waters of Puerto Williams. But, South American countries are far from having the cleanest drinking water in the world. Actually, drinking tap water in South America isn’t recommended at all.

You have maybe heard of competition annually held at Berkeley Springs – Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting. There are competitions in several categories including municipal tap water. The golden award for the best water in the world 2016 in the category of municipal tap water was taken by City of Hamilton, OH.

And what about the worst tap water in the world? No general research has been done on this question, but surely some of the worst tape water awards go to some of the US states. Namely, those are tap waters of Puerto Rico, Illinois, and  Michigan. But that is not the end of the list. Tap water in the US is contaminated not only with many harmful substances (lead, mercury, chlorine, arsenic, etc.) but it is also among the top countries in the world whose water is contaminated with plastic. Also, on the similar matter, you might be interested in checking out the 6 Worst Tasting Bottled Waters in America.

On the issue of cleanness and safety of tap water, science has the final word. And on the matter of countries with best tasting water in the world, we have also seen what people traveling around have to say. So, some of the resources we have consulted were forums like Quora, Lonely Planet’s forum or Reddit. Of course, after going through these recommendations and different opinions on the purest, best tasting water in the world, we have also checked suggested countries (and also checked some other) particularly, as you will see further on our list. So, after some further research, we have ranked our list of countries with the purest, best tasting tap waters by the counts of mentions on different places concerning the issue.

Since we’ve done the similar research earlier (which you can check out at 12 Countries with the Cleanest Tap Water), here we have some data on best tap water in the world 2017. You should always have in mind that, even though we have listed countries on our list, not the whole country will have the great best tasting tap water, as we have seen earlier on the example of the USA, but probably a (great) part of it will. Of course, many other countries not included on our list have perfectly safe drinking water, according to country’s sanitation score, but we took into account the water taste as well.

So now, let’s see which the countries with purest, best tasting tap water in the world are:

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