9 Must Read Articles and Stories About Human Trafficking in the United States in 2017

These must read articles about human trafficking in the United States in 2017 will shock you and leave you speechless.

Human trafficking is the modern version of slavery which includes illegal smuggling of people and trading them for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor. The definition of human trafficking is recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by means of coercion, abduction, fraud, deception or abuse of power. This modern form of slavery is present in all parts of the world and victims include men, women, children, and teenagers. According to Scientific American, between 27 and 45.8 million people are trapped in some form of modern slavery worldwide. All these people are forced to be sex workers, beggars, child soldiers, factory workers, and laborers. It is terrifying to think that despite the progress that humankind has achieved in every aspect, there are still so many people deprived of freedom and forced to do despicable things. So does slavery still exist today? I believe this answers your question.

Yupa Watchanakit/Shutterstock.com

Yupa Watchanakit/Shutterstock.com

Since the fall of communism, human trafficking has been an increasing concern in Europe. Modern slavery is happening worldwide, and Europe is not an exception. People are struggling to survive and it this economic hardship has made them vulnerable to human trafficking within their countries. To learn more about human trafficking in Europe, take a look at 10 Worst Countries in Europe for Human Trafficking. In case you have wondered does slavery still exist in Africa, you can already assume the answer. In fact, Africa is one of the most problematic continents when it comes to human trafficking. As for Asia, just check out Top 15 Cities with Highest Human Trafficking in the World and you will realize that human trafficking is a worldwide issue that needs to be solved.

Does slavery still exist in America? Unfortunately, slavery affects all countries in the world, and the U.S. is one of them. Even though human trafficking occurs in every country in the world, there are few convictions. We are led to believe that human trafficking is a problem that affects poor or developing countries the most, but human trafficking statistics in the United States will convince you that the modern slavery does not spare developed countries.  Human trafficking in the United States is a profitable industry which generates billions of dollars per year. The situation is not the same in all states though. While some states don’t have a major problem with it, others seem to be a good place for human trafficking. We wrote about the worst states for human trafficking in America, and Nevada, Florida, Ohio, and California came at the very top of the list. These statistics about human trafficking in the United States may sicken you, but this is the sad reality we live in.

Trafficking in Persons Report from June 2017 emphasizes the tragedy that is human trafficking as well as the responsibility of governments to criminalize human trafficking and hold the offender accountable. The report also states the importance of international partnerships in fights against this evil called modern slavery that plagues the entire world. According to National Human Trafficking Hotline, which maintains extensive data on the matter, 4,460 cases of human trafficking have been reported this year. Victims were both adults and minors, men and women who are US citizens or foreign nationalities. These terrifying numbers increase every day, and the fact that no one nowhere is safe is simply frightening.

So why does slavery happen today despite being illegal everywhere? Poverty, population growth, lack of alternatives are just a few factors that contribute to modern slavery and, unfortunately, the problem persists.

The more human trafficking articles we read, the more horrified we were by the modern slavery statistics and cruelties that some people are capable of doing. We found many articles on human trafficking current events 2017 that speak of exploiting and abusing people in the United States, and while these are tragic events, it is important to read about them to raise awareness of this worldwide crime. We must not look the other way because the problem will not disappear if we simply ignore it. For that reason, we have collected a list of 9 must read articles about human trafficking in the United States in 2017.