Best Verizon Smartphone for Seniors in 2017

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Technology is ever-evolving and smartphones have created somewhat of a revolution over the past decades, as we now have more access to information than ever before, so we wanted to see which was the best Verizon smartphone for seniors in 2017, phones which the less technologically-savvy will have no problem using.

It’s important not only to allow the youth of our generation to get access to smartphones but also the seniors in our lives, even if learning how to use those new-fangled phones may be a tad more difficult than for someone who has grown up surrounded by this type of tech.

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The best smartphones for seniors are those that have a larger screen so they are easier to read, given that their eyesight isn’t what it used to be. The devices should also come with a decent camera because, after all, those grandkids are adorable, and the pets always seem to do something that warrants capturing the moment. It’s also great if the devices have a decent front camera, because video calls are something seniors are more likely to do nowadays, especially if the kids live farther away.

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We’re not going to talk about any landline phones for seniors, because a mobile will always beat a landline, since you can take it anywhere without fearing you’ll miss a call, or that you’re out of range when it comes to cordless phones. But, just in case you’re looking for home phones for seniors, Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) also has some options you can look through, such as the Wireless Home Phone.

The Verizon network also has one of the best phone plans for seniors in 2017, such as the Nationwide 65 Plus Plan, which comes with plenty of minutes, unlimited messaging and a data plan. Knowing this may be great for when you’re picking up your smartphone and thinking of a new plan to go with it.

While Verizon doesn’t sell these, the Jitterbug Touch 3 is considered to be one of the best smartphones for seniors, while the Jitterbug Flip and the Snapfon are also considered to be great for elderly people, the Snapfon even coming with an SOS button, and the Jitterbug Flip with extra big buttons.

In our search for the best Verizon smartphone for seniors in 2017, we checked out the telco’s site and used a few filters. First up we only wanted to see the top-rated phones with 4 stars or more. Then we chose the phones that had a battery life of at least 24 hours, since that’s also an important issue. The phones we picked have at least a 5-inch display for those who want to be able to see better but don’t necessarily want a huge display that’s too big of a difference from their older devices.

We then checked each phone’s specs on GSM Arena, looking for how long they’ve been released for and the interest each device had. We also handed out points depending on the size of the screen – the larger the better. The size of the battery was also something we took into consideration, as well as the on-device storage. The smartphones that allowed for memory extension with the help of a card got extra points. The number of pixels on the camera was also an important factor in our rankings.

With that being said, here is the list of the best Verizon smartphones for seniors in 2017, beginning on the next page.

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