The 10 Most Expensive Ties in the World

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Want to know which are the most expensive ties in the world? The modern necktie can be traced back to the early seventeenth century, when it gained its original name: cravat. Over the centuries the design and purpose of this piece of neckwear has changed and evolved into the accessory of formal wear and office attire we know nowadays as the ‘tie’. In fact, neckties have become an essential fashion item of menswear, and designers have pushed the limits very far, creating the most expensive ties in the world, which can single-handedly make or break an entire outfit.

Most Expensive Ties in the World

The ties on our list were conceived by renowned designers with bold ideas, who are highly regarded around the world. Some of them arrived in the fashion industry by chance, others after years of studying. If fashion is your cup of tea, you’ll probably enjoy our list on the 5 Most Elite Fashion Schools in The World.

Let’s take a look at the current countdown and find out which are the most expensive ties in the world.

10. Ralph Lauren’s Black Label Tie

Solid Knit Silk, Herringbone Knit Cashmere, Polka-Dot, Geometric, Striped, Solid Peau de Soie… any Black Label design by Ralph Lauren costs $155. This exclusive tie is made in Italy and is 100% silk. Although it is quite simple, it has a superior quality that ensures a smooth and even knot.

Those impressive ties are only the first on our list of the most expensive ties in the world. Keep reading to reveal the rest.

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