The 10 Most Expensive iPhone Apps

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Have you wondered which are the most expensive iPhone apps? We all love getting the newest apps on the market and showing off to our friends just how avant-garde we are when it comes to the latest technology. But no matter how much we like being cool and trendy, not all of us can spend one thousand dollars on an iPhone app. That’s the maximum price for an app on Apple’s App Store: $999.99. Surprisingly enough, there are several apps for sale at that cost, and there are buyers willing to spend a grand on them and have a nice app and a shiny penny left over.

Most Expensive iPhone Apps

Nevertheless, on the other end of the consumers’ spectrum, stands the other half of app lovers, those who like getting them for free. Most of the applications we use on a daily basis can be downloaded for free. Just check out our list on the Top 9 Most Popular Free iPhone Apps and see it for yourself.

Are you curious now about the most expensive iPhone apps on the market right now? Let’s take a look at the countdown and find out just which applications people are willing to plunk down a lot of bills for.


10. The Alchemist SMS

This app used to be at the top of the costliest apps ranking, but has reduced its value and can now be had for a mere $449.99. The Alchemist SMS actually has nothing to do with text messages, despite its name; SMS in this case stands for Scrap Management System. This app is a useful tool for those involved in the steel-making and scrap metal recycling industries, and aims to aid in the reduction of costs in raw materials.

The nine most expensive iPhone apps are coming up. Be warned: you may be green with envy at some of the impressive apps people have on their phones.

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