5 Most Elite Fashion Schools in The World

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Do you want to know which school is at the top of our list of the most elite fashion schools in the world? If you’re getting ready for college, if you’re interested in fashion, if you want to know about university rankings, or if you just want to check out another great countdown, then this is the one for you, featuring the most elite fashion schools in the world.


These universities have amazing programs for students who want learn everything about fashion. However, it’s not only about fashion design: yes, you can choose a career that will teach you how to make the clothes, but in this world, that’s not enough. You have to know how to sketch, in order to make your designs real; you have to know how to actually create them. You have to know how to style your designs and incorporate accessories so they will make a complete “look”. And you have to know business and marketing: you need to be able to sell your designs and make them essential to the eyes of the big brands (not only if you want to work with them, but even more if you want to compete with them).

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Fashion is a very big industry with a lot going on. You can also check the Top 7 Most Expensive Clothing Brands and find out who the players are, many of whom likely attended such schools as on our current countdown. Do you want to enter this game? Then be prepared to design something that’s worth around $3000 if you want to be considered one of them.

The most elite fashion schools in the world are located in the trendiest cities in the world: Paris, Milan, New York. Not only can you go to those incredible universities, but you can also walk around the cities that make it all come true. People in New York are definitely not the same as in Tokyo or Los Angeles, and that is reflected in the local clothes. If you want to express a city as fashion, then explore it; but not just the architecture, the parks, or the environment. Get to know the people, their lifestyle, their routines, their “aura”, if you will. And there’s no better place to do that than where it all happens: right there where the great designers are, and where you’re going to study.

We’re going to give you the best places for you to learn all about this. Here you have the most elite fashion schools in the world, from East to West, USA to Europe. Let the fashion countdown begin!

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