The 10 Most Expensive Android Apps

Want to know which are the most expensive Android apps right now? When getting apps, most of us usually choose the cheapest option available; and that if there’s no free option. However, some prefer to go with more expensive alternatives, taking into account the price-quality ratio, an often important variable. But this is not always the case, and costlier doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Most Expensive Android Apps

In fact many of the apps on our countdown do absolutely nothing at all; nothing but show the richness of their owners, and how gullible they are to give their money away to lazy app developers preying on their ilk with artificial social-status items that are expensive simply for the sake of it.

The maximum price that can be charged for an app on the Google Play Store is $200, so although it is a lot to spend on an app (especially a useless one), it is only about a fifth of what you could spend on an app if you had an Apple device, where the maximum is $1,000. You should also check out our countdown on The 11 Best Android Apps You Can’t Get on iOS.

Are you curious about the most expensive Android apps and just how silly and useless some of them can be? Let’s take a look at the countdown!


10. Pocket Atlas of ER Ultrasound

For $69.99 you can get this reference guide for every body part and system that can be assessed with ultrasound. Diagrams, pictures, data and more (but less information than what you could get online for free). It is useful, but has nothing new to offer if compared to the vastness of the internet.

Keep reading for more of the most expensive Android apps to be found on the Google Store; some of which are nothing but useless vanity apps for the wealthy.