The 10 Most Lawless Places in the World

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If you don’t want to live in fear, then be sure to stay away from the most lawless places in the world. These countries are safe havens for criminals, as the lack of authority imposed by the local government has created a vacuum where violence can flourish, almost without interference. Hence, gangs, drug cartels, insurgencies, terrorist organizations, and petty criminals are abundant, making life a living hell for law enforcement and civilians alike.


In the following article we will present you with the ten places on earth that have been hit the hardest by crime, corruption, and violence. Unlike the the 8 most corrupt countries in the world, which we presented in a previous list, the most lawless places on the planet not only suffer from a dysfunctional government, but also boast very high levels of crime. Political persecution and human rights abuses are also among the dangers of living in these nations.

Surviving in these societies means dealing with all this violence, as well as the fear that comes with the constant threat to one’s life. Hence, it is quite surprising to learn that some of these countries are actually quite popular tourist destinations. Apparently, visitors are kept isolated from the general population, in an attempt to shield them from the excessive crime and violence. Thus, most people who visit a country like Mexico or the Dominican Republic, will feel protected and probably enjoy a wonderful vacation on the beach, while local residents feel anything but safe in their day-to-day life elsewhere in the country.

In the most lawless places in the world, a person’s personal safety simply cannot be guaranteed. The government has failed to provide an adequate environment for its citizens to feel secure, and thus, the rule of law is practically non-existent in these states. Of course politicians are not the only ones to blame for this situation. Poverty, social inequality, drug trafficking, and other transnational issues, not only contribute to making things worse, but are sometimes the root of the problem. Whatever the reason behind the excess of violent crimes, we do not recommend moving to any of the ten most lawless places in the world. Check them out on the following pages.

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