15 Countries with the Nicest Guys in the World

All the single ladies (or guys) out there, gather round and check out these 15 countries with the nicest guys in the world! Because when we say nice, we mean hot and friendly. The perfect combination, right?

Admit it, ladies, you already have a smirk on your face and are eager just to scroll down and check out the hotties. But let’s first see why exactly you are here. It’s all for fun, of course, but basically, this is what you believe you deserve — a nice and handsome guy, right? It’s tough being a woman nowadays. You have to work hard and play hard. And dating? It seems it has never been harder to find a decent guy. After some time and meeting several potential Prince Charmings who eventually turned out to be frogs rather than royalty, one can get really tired and fed up with the game. But that’s the way life goes. At some point in their lives, all women and girls are attracted to the mysterious, confident types who seem hard to get and have had lots of girlfriends. Unfortunately, the mystery soon becomes revealed once you see he’s not really that eloquent, and as for the number of girlfriends… Well, it appears that he has nothing else to offer but good looks since his manners are not really gentleman-like. At some point in their lives, all women start looking for that Mr. Nice. Good news, girls — we know exactly where they are!

15 Countries with the Nicest Guys in the World

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However, you must admit you’ve already met Mr. Nice, and he ended up in the friend zone… Kind and polite guys often have this problem if their cuteness doesn’t come close to their nice manners. Whether we like it or not, but appearance matters to us. We want to have it all, and we want it now. Don’t you worry any more, because we have found it for you!

First we set off on our search for the friendliest countries out there suggested by the Forbes and TripsToDiscover. As we have mentioned before, “nice” stands for “friendly and handsome”. Isn’t it nice that when you meet someone for the first time he gives you a big smile, he’s ready to help you with whatever you need? Our point exactly. Next, to see if any of the enlisted were countries with best looking guys, we checked a lot of countries and looked at tons of photos (grueling work indeed) at ScoopWhoop, Daily Mail, Portugal News, Womens24x7, and BlogAbroad until finally, we got the desired number. We know that Pakistani men still pride with their 3rd place in the most beautiful man in the world by country, but Pakistan isn’t listed as the most welcoming country in the world. Therefore, if you wish to concentrate only on the hotness, check our handsome man country list in 11 Countries with the Hottest Guys in the World. But if we’re talking serious business and best countries to find a husband, we got that covered in 10 Countries with Most Faithful Husbands and 10 Best Countries to Find a Husband. So, check out both lists and find out which country has the most faithful husbands.

By the way, to find such lovely guys, it would be good to go where there is no fierce competition. For that reason, check the list of the most beautiful women in the world by country in our article about 20 Countries with the Most Beautiful Women in the World. Take a look if any of the countries match with our suggestions, and stray away from them. Life should be easy.

Admittedly, answering which country has the most handsome man in the world is a tough call since we all have different perceptions of what makes the one guy more sexy and attractive than the other. Due to this reason, our list is random, so feel free to choose your personal favorites.

Are you ready, ladies? Grab your passports and get closer to the screen because here are 15 countries with the nicest guys in the world!