Top 25 Best Soccer Countries of All Time

If you enjoy soccer, then you’ll enjoy our list of the top 25 best soccer countries of all time.

We know that most of you are currently sad that the United States didn’t manage to qualify for the World Cup 2018 in Russia, but life goes on. You may contribute it to poor coaching, lack of engagement, but the fact is that the United States is not among the best soccer countries 2017. It also isn’t the best country to learn soccer, so the future of U.S. soccer is getting endangered. The U.S. Soccer Federation should begin with changing things around like Serbia did for example. In case you want to know more about Serbian soccer, check out our list of 11 best Serbian soccer players of all time.

Top 25 Best Soccer Countries of All Time

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If someone would ask you to give him a list of countries that play soccer, you can just show the map of the world. The fact is that every country now plays soccer, but if you wonder where is soccer most popular in the world, the answer would be Europe and South America. These countries have the best players in the world and have won all the World Cups between themselves. So, take a look at the map of best football countries in the world. They are also an answer to the question “which country produces the best soccer players?” If you are more interested in details, you can check out our list of 7 countries that produce the best soccer players in the world. As for the best soccer players from each country list, you’ll have to wait a bit more.

In order to create this list of top 25 best soccer countries of all time, we decided to take into consideration the achievements country has made in soccer. Each country received four points for World Cup wins, two points for continental cup wins, and if their player received a Ballon d’Or award (the most prestigious individual award in soccer), they got additional two points. We summed it all into our IM Score and got our list. Let’s check it out. We are starting off with the last two countries which share the 24th place.