8 Best Star Wars Books about Sith

The best Star Wars books about Sith can be an interesting read even for someone who does not agree with the philosophy of the dark side of the force. Even more so for people who justify tapping into your anger, hate and fear when using the force. Unlike the 9 best Star Wars books every fan should read, these eight tomes of unadulterated Sith sagas and philosophy are centered around the unsung heroes of the Star Wars universe. Titled evil, sinister and morally rotten, the Sith represent everything an adept Jedi is, except on the other end of the “good” scale. However, if you think about it, is there something like bad or good that concerns the universe? Is there anything but “different” in the flow of the force? While suffering and letting your anger and temptations navigate your will are dubbed as bad, are they really affecting the vast gulf of time and space in any different way than anything else? Maybe they would and maybe they wouldn’t. One thing’s for sure, though – the Sith, however corrupted by the dark side, are nonetheless wise and powerful beings who, in certain cases, transcend being on any side of the force.

Let’s take a look at eight best Star Wars books about Sith which are ordered by their ratings on the popular site Goodreads.