10 Most Beautiful Cell Phones in 2015

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We look at the best aesthetics of any mobile phone with this list of 10 most beautiful cell phones in 2015. Cell phones have truly evolved in recent years. We continue to see more and more advancements as newer models of phones integrate new discoveries in technology and new innovations. Aside from features, power and capabilities, people also value the aesthetics of objects like mobile phones. It would be really hard to appreciate a phone or even give it a world-class title if it didn’t have the look to back up what it is capable of.

Artists and designers have a significant importance in the mobile industry. They provide the ideas for a design that can make a product give a great first impression. The phones listed here are the latest in beautiful craftsmanship whether it’s exterior design or software artistry. We’ll often discover that things of great value to our eyes also have a more expensive price tag to back it up. There are a few of the most beautiful phones in the world listed in the 10 Most Expensive Smartphones in the World. Considering how high prices are for the latest models, you wouldn’t be surprised at the cost of these phones.

It’s hard to put a specific and accurate form of measuring beauty as it tends to be subjective. The phones listed here are ranked based on how many positive reviews the phone has had mainly on aesthetics. Let’s find out more as we go through these 10 most beautiful cell phones in 2015:

10. Nokia Lumia 1520

The Lumia 1520 does a few things different with design especially on its start and home screen. Lumia phones are well known for having some of the best screens and cameras on the market. The 1520 also features a bigger size compared to Microsoft’s other phones and improved video capture technology.

Most Beautiful Cell Phones in 2015

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