7 Best Places to Visit in Estonia Before You Die

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The best places to visit in Estonia before you die are not easy to decide upon; located in the Baltic region of north-eastern Europe, Estonia is full of natural Baltic beauty and bustling city life, as well as a rich cultural history with tradition still being very important to the people. It is one of the least populous countries in the European Union, and has a warm, humid, continental climate. It ranks highly on the human development index, and has a high rate of economic freedom and a lot of civil liberties. It has a high income rate and a high standard of living, and tourism is very important to their economy – so you’re bound to be welcomed by the warm and traditional Estonian culture as a visitor to their country like you’re one of the locals!

Best Places to Visit in Estonia that are Safe and Beautiful

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Travel to Estonia is frequently not interrupted, and you should not encounter any problems when traveling to this welcoming country. You should check local travel news, weather, and international news before leaving to ensure that your visit is as smooth as possible. The currency of Estonia is the Euro, commonly used and available across much of Europe, as well as being one of the most commonly traded currencies in the United States, so money should not be much of an issue in this prosperous country but make sure you have budgeted enough for your trip (emergency funds are always good to have!). Also check with your travel agent, in case there are any problems with your vacation package. We will soon be getting to the best places to visit in Estonia before you die, but if you’d be more interested in somewhere else, you can check out the list of the best places to visit in Russia before you die.

 Estonia is a wonderful country with a rich Baltic history and modern cities, so without any delay, let’s get to the top 7 most beautiful and affordable places in Estonia!

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