9 Best Places To See in India Before You Die

The best places to see in India before you die are magical destinations in the south of Asia, places that many won’t have the opportunity to see in their life. Considering the size of this mega country, it’s impossible to list all of the many gorgeous places available for a tourist to enjoy, but a list of nine of the greatest locations to visit will certainly start you off nicely.

Are you in need of a cultural getaway that brings you to many temples, a holy spot, and place where you can worship? Perhaps you aren’t necessarily the religious guru, but are certainly interested in seeing some of the country’s most beautiful temples and houses of worship? OK, so maybe you’re just coming to India to chill out and do a whole lot of nothing. That’s all perfectly find here in India. It’s totally doable and in fact, each location will exceed your expectations in every way.

Best Places To See in India Before You Die

Dmitry Zimin/Shutterstock.com

Maybe you’re a bit crazy and actually enjoy cities that spin your head right off your head? Well, that’s certainly something India can provide. It’s going to be a doozy to say the least! If being one with nature and immersing yourself in the jungle life to explore the plants and get a glimpse of some of the native animals of the region is more of your cup of tea, India would provide destinations beyond your wildest imagine.

Speaking of tea, India has plenty of that too, literally a town full of tea plantations! So grab a cup of your crappy tea that you have laying around, and read about the best places to see in India before you die. Before you know it, you’ll be throwing away that cup away and booking a ticket. If you need anymore motivation, reading about some of the crazy facts about India will be sure to stir up the travel itch even more!