10 Biggest Logistics Companies in the World

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The 10 biggest logistics companies in the world are responsible for a lot of global movement, transportation and deliveries.A lot of us may not be aware of how important the logistics industry is. If we didn’t have good logistics companies, we probably wouldn’t develop as they handle a lot of import and export around the world. They are responsible for bringing events to your cities, bringing materials to large construction projects and even responsible for getting your parcel on time. Logistics companies have become so common that we don’t take too much time to think of their importance.

Logistics handle a broader scope of movement. Some of the companies here handle land transportation, shipping, trading, delivery, export, import and a lot of other things. You may find that they have sister or partner companies with some of those listed at The Ocean’s 10 Biggest Shipping Companies. It takes a lot of skill and responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly and is delivered on time. The companies that are listed here are world-class and they are known to have international reach with offices located at different parts of the world.

In order to rank this list effectively, we have to consider both the actual size and broadness of these companies as well their revenue during the recent year. Let’s go through these 10 biggest logistics companies in the world and find out more about them:

10. SDV

A subsidiary of the Bollore Group, SDV ranks in the top 10 of transport and logistics when it comes to quality and overall revenue. They’ve historically been one of the larger providers of air and sea transport services. Recently, they’ve been taking steps into the supply chain management part of logistics and have been increasing their scope based on their customers’ demands.

Biggest Logistics Companies in the World


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