7 Most Affordable Countries To Live In Europe in 2015

Europe has been getting much cheaper to live in nowadays and this has inspired this compilation of the most affordable countries to live in Europe in 2015. Now is the time that you should consider relocating to Europe without spending too much money. The present financial conditions and the way the dollar is holding up against other currencies make it an optimal time to consider some of the cheap countries in Europe.

There are quite a number of reasons why you should relocate to Europe, with the fact that Europeans exercise more being a key factor. Actually, Europeans bike and walk more compared to other countries like America. This is makes getting around easier, instead of negotiating streets jammed with cars.

The transport infrastructure in Europe is very impressive, with a well-developed railway network. The same great transport system also applies to buses, particular in rural areas and small towns. Hence, most people comfortably use the public transit for regular use. Even if you must drive, you can choose from numerous eco-friendly cars.

Most Affordable Countries To Live In Europe in 2015

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For people with US money, moving to Europe is now much cheaper than ever before, even in key towns like Oslo and Stockholm that were known for being notoriously expensive. Suddenly those destinations are now reasonably priced destination for visitors from all over the world.

For instance, Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic is a stunning town that features in the list of cheapest towns in Europe despite of its apparent charms. The classy boutique hotels in the town go for an average of $50, whereas you can easily get a good dinner at an enticing restaurant for less than $5.

Croatia is also another notable mention, as we get ready to count down the cheapest countries to live in the Europe. It has some cheap accommodation options and the cost of living is quite low. Here are the most affordable countries to live in Europe in 2015.