7 Most Ethnically Diverse States in America

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 In most American cities, there is rapid racial and ethnic diversification currently ongoing and this fact is the inspiration behind this compilation of the most ethnically diverse states in America. This has been caused by several factors such as high rates of immigration, a rise in native birth rates and also an increase in interracial partnerships. All these factors have considerably modified the economic landscape and social fabric of America.

Since 2011, nearly more than 50% of all the babies being born in America belong to a racial or ethnic minority. It is projected that by 2020, the overall minority population is going to be 40% from 30% in 2000. However, the change is not just limited to the following 4 years. Actually, experts believe that by 2050, there will no longer be a single majority ethnic group in America.

As a result of such forecasts, it is more important to close down the racial and ethnic gaps across American cities. There are several ways that Americans can achieve this, such as through promoting more minority-owned enterprises and also narrowing the differences in income and educational attainment.

In evaluating the most ethnically diverse cities in America, each city was evaluated based on 3 main metrics. These include ethnic and racial diversity, place of birth diversity and language diversity. The outcome and also expert commentary are discussed here below.

Most Ethnically Diverse States in America


America is known worldwide for its multiculturalism. However, immigration is still amongst the most contentious issues, with racism being a reality, while the recession has brought renewed interest in the workforce demographics.

What is clear is that each state has its own unique story when it comes to diversity. For instance, border states such as California, Texas and Arizona have to enforce most of the nation’s immigration policies, whereas big urban towns like New York and San Francisco have to deal with integrating immigrants to limited real estate. Here are the most ethnically diverse states in America.

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