10 Biggest Fires in US History

The wildfire season is at swing during this period, bringing the disastrous events in everyday life, so we’re bringing the 10 biggest fires in US history to you help you remember how serious this problem can be. Many climate scientists believe that the effects of global warming are fast-spreading fires. We’re aware of the situation, and we try to raise the awareness of the public. The wildfires take lives, destroy properties and nature and endanger wildlife. Forests are one of the most important parts of our planet’s ecosystem, providing the air we breathe. The importance of preserving and keeping them from a fire is crucial. We’ve listed 10 states with the most forest fires for you recently, as we researched the areas that are prone to the fires the most.

Biggest Fires in US History

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Today, we are bringing the 10 biggest fires in US history, chronologically sorted. Those were the most dangerous fires which spread to vast areas quickly, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres of nature and properties, and taking away many human lives. We are afraid, that predictions of the climate scientists about the biggest fires are yet to come. So, we’re hoping to raise the awareness, and you should participate by sharing the article with friends, as we all together must be more aware and ready when the disaster strikes.

The 10 biggest fires in US history so far are:

10. Miramichi Fire – 1825

Even though the Miramichi City is in Canada, this firestorm reached the state of Maine, and destroyed the huge area in both US and Canada. The number of victims of the event is 160. Because of the huge area that burned, this is the one of the top three biggest forest fires in North America. More than 100 miles of terrain was ruined by the fire, the local people ran alongside the wildlife, trying to save themselves by the river of Miramichi.

Biggest Fires in US History