7 Smartphones with the Best Battery Life

Can you name the flagship smartphones with the best battery life? When buying a new smartphone, one of the killer features we’re looking for is a reliable and long-standing battery. We can’t pay $200 for a phone that wouldn’t even make it to the half of your work day. We are after the unbeatable battery that would endure our daily activities. Before, a mobile phone can go 3 days straight without the need of being recharged since it is only being used if you need to text or call someone. Now, phones have gotten smarter, bigger, brighter, and fancier! There are millions of apps you can download every day. Those apps in your phone obviously consume your phone’s battery, draining it bit by bit.

What’s the role of your smartphone in your daily life? Aside from the usual text and call function of a phone, we use it for writing ridiculous rants on Facebook and for posting a picture of your daily lunches on Instagram (or really, just so you can stalk Justin Bieber’s butt selfie). And it can be really irritating when your smartphone just keeps on dying on you. Who likes recharging their smartphones often in a day? Sure you can buy a battery backup or a power bank and bring it with you wherever you go. But, you paid for this smartphone! You should be able to squeeze every dollar you spent on it. Smarten up!

If battery life span matters the most to you above anything else when picking a new smartphone, then this post is perfect for you cause we’ll be dropping names of the flagship smartphones with the best battery life later on! But if you’re looking for a durable phone, in general, you might want to see the list of the 6 best rugged smartphones of 2015 in one of our posts.

 Smartphones with the Best Battery Life


Drop what you’re doing at this time, and try not to freak out cause here are the 7 newest smartphones with the best battery life you can buy in the market!

7. iPhone 6 Plus

Battery Capacity: 2,915 mAh
One of the grandest member yet of the Apple squad (aside from iPhone 6) is the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple surprised everyone with their newest iPhone series of bigger screens and better batteries. You heard it! With the previous iPhone collections, you’re going to have to recharge it a couple of times a day. Say hello to the 2,915 mAh battery of the new babe, that is iPhone 6 Plus which allows longer hours of doing real work for it can run without having recharged in a day. No wonder why it’s one of the hottest and best-selling smartphones in the market right now.

 Smartphones with the Best Battery Life