18 Places to See in Brazil Before You Die

We have for you today the most stunning places to see in Brazil before you die. Is it the recent 2014 World Cup held in Brazil or is it just us wanting to discover more of this exotic country? Brazil occupies 50% of South America’s humongous area. It’s the perfect country to start your epic continental trip for it can easily send you to its neighboring countries such as Patagonia, Peru, and Argentina. Moving forward, you may be having a battle with yourself whether to go or not: Brazil is an enormous country. Why would I want to visit it? Because it’s going to be worth it. It’s worth including it in your bucket list. Drop all your doubts. Drop the maybe’s and what if’s. Embrace the possibility of seeing the surreal wonders in Brazil. UNESCO Heritage sites, a dozen of untouched Chapada, exceptional architecture, and a wide selection of natural sites- this is Brazil! A compilation of your wildest dream destinations.

Places to See in Brazil Before You Die


For me, and the rest of the world (you should agree), Brazil is not just the place you visit when you have no other place to go. It’s where you chase your biggest adventure. It’s where you’ll write your epic journey. Brazil is one of the places you should go to before you die. I’m not kidding. It offers a vast and diverse culture like no other in South America, warmest people (and competitive ones: World Cup), endless street foods, and beautiful ladies (and studs).

Today, we’ll let you know of the best places worth checking out in Brazil that offer ultimate adventure. You’re welcome. But before we start on our countdown, we also had a previous article (by yours truly) about the best places to visit in Brazil that are beautiful and safe. Brazil is a safe country to visit. Yet, we can’t totally avoid petty crimes if not all of us follow our golden rule of we shouldn’t be bringing a lot of money and gizmos that will attract the robbers. But overall, Brazil is a safe country to travel.

We are proud to present to you, the 18 places to see in Brazil before you die:

18. Inhotim

Location: Brumadinho, Minas Gerais
Who’s in for a day tour in a 271-acre, open-air museum nestled in a botanical garden in Brazil? Inhotim houses 700 exhibits from 200 artists from all over the world. For the love of contemporary art, I’d even walk 500 miles more in an open field that is full of art exhibits!

Places to See in Brazil Before You Die