10 Most Popular Christmas Songs of All Time

A playlist of the most popular Christmas songs of all time, a hot steaming cup of cocoa, and a warm fireplace gathering! Isn’t that all you need for a perfectly blissful Christmas? Holiday season is the best time to spend by just relaxing and listening to some nice tunes and what can be better than some Christmas music to spread the Christmas cheer? And, the songs that have been the hot favorite for their yuletide spirits are you best bet for your playlist. Just put them on loop and forget about all else!

The Holiday season sees an onslaught of Christmas albums releasing as every popular artist tries their hand to hop on to the spirit of Christmas and fast track the record sales. Every year we have a heady mix of new songs showing up on the charts during the last months of the year. Most of them dipped in the hot sauce quintessential Christmas sentiments, and flashy videos featuring everything winter in white and red color schemes. But, some songs just keep coming back to us! They have just been around for being the gems and the most popular Christmas songs of all time that we never get tired of hearing. We know all the lyrics to them by heart, and they never fail to get us into the instant holiday mode.

Most Popular Christmas Songs of All Time

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There is also our other list of 10 Most Popular Songs of All Time that you can head to for a peek into the songs that are always a welcome listen, all around the year! While our Christmas Songs list features a wide range of songs that suit all kinds of moods for the holiday seasons. There are peppy number that get you foot tapping right away, the merry ones and the ones for those who are spending their Christmas alone and don’t mind savoring the melancholy a bit! So let’s get the holiday cheer on, shall we?