5 Credit Cards with 2% Cash Back on Everything

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Welcome to a short list of credit cards with 2% cash back on everything. The 2% cash back is a great benefit. It means that every time you purchase something with your credit card, the 2% of the product’s worth returns to your account.

Different banks and credit card companies add some special conditions to motivate their users to pay their credit debt faster. For example, they can give you the first 1% of the purchase immediately, and keep the second percent until you fully repay the product or the service you have bought.

5 Credit Cards With 2% Cash Back On Everything

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With or without these special conditions, the 2% cash back is still the best offer you can find. It is usually allowed to loyal customers and holders of premium cards or the cards that come with very high interest or annual fees.

Instead of 2% cash back, banks often provide you with other similar offers. For example, one of the industry norms is the 1% cash back on everything. Some cards also come with 1.5% cash back, or even a 5% cash back, but only on certain categories of products. These categories are usually being revolved on a quarterly basis, and card users need to be up to date with the current expense categories offer, to save more money.

Some credit cards offer miles instead of cash back. These are great for business people and other frequent travelers. In addition to miles, some traveling cards will also give you a limited cash back on the special type of expenses, like traveling or dining out.

Since cards with the two percent cash back are very hard to find we needed to check many card review websites while making our list. We have visited the Card Rates platform, which is one of the best sources of credit card reviews. There, we have found an article about the best cash back offers. Cards listed in this article, offer great benefits, which include 5% cash back on rotating expense categories, or 5% on different types of expenses. Still, there were only two cards that offer unlimited 2% cash back on all types of expenses.

We have continued our search on the Money Crashers website. They have listed the credit cards with the best cash back offers. We have found dozens of great credit cards with up to 6% cash back on special types of expenses or rotating expense categories, but there was only one card with unlimited 2%.

After a few dozen Google searches, we have finally landed on a useful page. The Nerd Wallet website has announced the launch of the new 2% cash back card, and we have also found a Reddit topic where people discuss the cards with the highest cash back rates. That was enough to form a five-card list.

For creating the right methodology, we have used the information from all of these websites and the cards’ product pages. We have ranked the credit cards with 2% cash back on everything by their annual fees and APR. One card received additional points for having a higher unlimited cash back rates.

Cash back is just one of the criteria you should look for when searching for a credit card that will satisfy all your needs. Banks and credit card companies offer different types of cards that are customized for various age and interest groups. For example, young people have problems when applying for credit and debit cards because they have no credit score. That is why their parents often need to apply for prepaid debit cards instead.  If you want to find a perfect card for your teenage kid, check out the Insider Monkey’s list of the Easiest Prepaid Debit Cards to Get for Teens.

Now, without further ado, let’s see which are the best credit cards with 2% cash back on everything.

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