5 Most Hackable Smartphones to Avoid

If you are one of those people who are a bit paranoid that anyone can hack their smartphone, take a look at this list of 5 most hackable smartphones to avoid and make sure that yours is not one of them. If it is, better choose some safer option. When it comes to smartphone market today, there is an ongoing battle between Android and iPhone. Besides the design, battery life, weight and of course the best camera, the tech industry is trying to build the most secure products possible. Although there is no ultimately secure smartphone (at least one it comes to ones available to everyone), users often want to know how secure their phone is when compared to other brands.

According to an article published by USA Today, there is really no completely safe smartphone, but Apple is currently regarded as the most secure smartphone available on the market. This position was once held by BlackBerry. The company’s vetting process and sandboxing system keep apps from accessing other apps, which is the most common way to hack a smartphone. When it comes to Android phones, they are protected by strong encryption codes. For example, Android Marshmallow uses 128-bit encryption, but there are stronger ones available as well. Larger bit number means that it is harder to break the code and protection is better. The greatest danger to Android users is the open app system. While Apple’s apps have to be vetted by the company, Google allows its users to run unauthorized apps as well. These unauthorized apps can contain malicious code which will allow intruders to hack your phone.

5 Most Hackable Smartphones to Avoid

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Hacking someone’s phone is usually done by rooting. Rooting is a process used to exploit security holes in the Android operating system. While you can do it to someone else, many people choose to root their own phones in order to gain access to various system files and hardware settings. It is interesting that when you read about “most hackable” smartphones, a lot of people actually ask how to hack their own phones rather than someone else’s. Of course, when it comes to the security of personal data, a lot depends on the user and if he/she is responsible, chances of being hacked are minimized. We’ve already dealt with this topic a little bit and you should definitely check out an article about 7 most and least secure cell phones in the world.

In order to compile this list of 5 most hackable smartphones to avoid, I’ve consulted a couple of sources. I’ve looked into Quora threads on which smart phones are best for hacking  and how to hack Android phone. I read various articles on hacking smartphones and generally, there is a way to hack every smartphone and the hardest one is definitely Apple’s iPhone. The best source of information for this list is an article published by Information Week website. It is based on a study of the world’s most popular smartphones and their security. I’ve singled out 5 least secure smartphones from their study in order to compile this list. They are ranked according to the order as it was published on the above mentioned website. Safer smartphones are at the bottom and most hackable (or least safe) one are at the top of the list. Let’s see which most hackable smartphones to avoid :