25 Countries With The Worst Eating Habits In The World

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Do you want to know about the 25 countries with the worst eating habits in the world? Food is probably the most important resource that we have. Unfortunately, despite sufficient food being produced in the world, currently nearly 850 million people are starving as they do not have enough food. The reason behind this discrepancy is the fact that many countries, instead of appreciating the fact that they have sufficient food, waste it. This in turn, reduces the resources that could otherwise have been spent to feed the hungry.

Countries With The Worst Eating Habits In The World, Obesity, Blood pressure

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Of course, starvation is not the only consequence resulting from overconsumption of food, especially junk food. This can lead to a host diseases which can in turn result in death. In fact, many people develop eating disorders due to their unhealthy eating habits, as can be evidenced in 11 countries with the highest rates of eating disorders in the world.

Meanwhile, the most common ailments to occur from unhealthy eating are obesity and diabetes, which is why we have decided to use them in order to rank the 11 countries with the worst eating habits in the world. We have used figured provided by the International Diabetes Federation to figure out the countries most afflicted with diabetes. Meanwhile, figures traced from the World Health Organization allowed us to discover the countries whose population is suffering from obesity. You can already look at our article about the 7 countries with the highest obesity rates. The countries mentioned below are those with the worst overall eating habits which is why we called them the countries with the worst eating habits:

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