12 Most Consumed Vegetables In the US

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What are the most consumed vegetables in the US?

We all have been taught that vegetables are very healthy and that we should eat them; although, somehow, most kids would rather turn to meat, cheese, sugar, carbs and all the other food that was on their plate. Yes, we as humans don’t really follow advice but rather turn to things that are more delicious and tempting for us. Take, for example, animals. And when I say animals I mean real, wild animals, and not the domestic ones that have been under our dominance for a very long time. I mean, just take a moment to think what we have done with dogs – they are all suffering from the same diseases as humans. And did you ever hear of some zebra in wild being sick with cancer? No, you haven’t, and not just because those cases are not being reported. Can you imagine a mature tiger in the wilderness drinking cow’s milk? No grown wild mammal would do that, it would turn its head away and go to chase some buffalo. That’s right, it will eat only what nature has set for them; it will follow its natural instincts. And we? It seems that we never outgrew drinking milk, but since we can’t be breastfed our entire life, we have decided to drink the milk of another animal. How intelligent of us. What instincts are we following when we are eating candy, chips and other processed food full of artificial flavors and sweeteners, additives, and who knows what? Hey, but we are all just humans; we have our brain that can stop us from doing something stupid, we don’t act by our instincts.

Most Consumed Vegetables In the US


Even though these and many other wrong eating habits are ruling the world, we still eat some healthy food. Vegetables and fruits are being consumed all around the globe, in different meals and combinations. Thanks to our development in technology we have many more choices of food that is coming from far away. So, with all those choices of fruit and vegetables, even from other continents, why are we giving an advantage to processed food, meat or dairy products? Well, I guess it’s got something to do with habits. We develop habits at an early age and they play an important role for the rest of our lives. There are many examples of people turning their lives upside down, changing not only eating habits but life habits as well, but these things happen only when people are faced with some unfortunate circumstances or a disease. It seems that people start to think and change only when life is forcing them in the most brutal ways.

Do this: Think of yourself as a person who is committed to eating right. You may have read many articles about what is really healthy and how one should eat. For example, the most common combination of any meat and vegetables is red meat and potatoes. And did you know that you shouldn’t combine these two, because you are actually combining proteins and complex carbohydrates, and they are going to be digested together for a very long time? You should also check our article about the most consumed fruits in the US if you want to learn how to eat fruit right.

Those who have not come to this page hoping to learn something new about healthy eating will be happy to know that we have the list of the most consumed vegetables in the US. For this list, we used 2015 Study of America’s consumption of fruit and vegetables done by Produce for Better Health Foundation. And those who want to learn something more will be happy to see that we have also provided you with basic nutrition information about each vegetable on our list. That information we’ve collected from Nutrition-And-You and other similar websites about food and diet. The most consumed vegetable in the US, in reverse order:

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