7 Countries with Highest Obesity Rates

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The fact that a lot of products have been produced recently has played a part in the list of countries with highest obesity rates. There was a time when being obese is somewhat unheard of but over the past years, being overweight has become somewhat common especially in some countries wherein the rates of people who are obese are high. People cannot help but ask if obesity can be linked to how rich the country is or if people from countries with highest standard of living tend to be more obese because it seems that people who tend to eat out more may become more obese in the long run.

Countries with Highest Obesity Rates


There was a time when people knew that they had to work hard in order to get the food that they want. Constant exercise and the use of  heavy machinery for the jobs that they have to do have helped people keep their trim figures but with the appearance of more options over the past years, heavy machinery are exchanged for some light products that will enable people to just sit down and actually work. This has contributed to people having larger waistlines than usual.

Since there are so many tasks that people have to work on, a lot of them are unable to find the right time to exercise and do the type of work that the body craves in order to decrease the amount of fat stored in the body. There are some people from different countries though who are having a bit more problem with their weight than people in other countries. Here is the list of countries with highest obesity rates.

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