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Author Archive - Ty Haqqi

10 PayPal Alternatives For International Payments

If like me, you reside in a country where PayPal is not available, then you are probably thinking about PayPal alternatives for international payments......(read more)
11 Countries with the Worst Labor Laws, Working Conditions in the World

Top 12 Largest Cement Producing Countries In the World

Unsurprisingly, the top 12 largest cement producing countries in the world include some of the biggest economies in the world as well. While the biggest......(read more)

10 Biggest Gold Mining Companies in the World: 2020 Rankings

While the gold market may not be as strong as it once was, the top 10 biggest gold mining companies in the world show no signs of abating. 2018 wasn’......(read more)
Richest Countries in the World by Natural Resources

11 Largest Producers of Bauxite in The World: 2020 Rankings

So who are the 11 largest producers of bauxite in the world? Well, read on to find out! It’s definitely not the United States, which has reserves......(read more)
Free Email Services Without Phone Verification

13 Free Email Services Without Phone Verification

If you want your privacy back, then you should definitely check out these free email services without phone verification. Back in the day, you could......(read more)

11 Largest Barite Producing Countries in the World

Is United States number one in the 11 largest barite producing  countries in the world? In a word, no. In fact, United States isn’t even close......(read more)

Top 10 Shipping Companies in the World in 2020

The top 10 shipping companies in the world 2020 are at the top of their game in one of the oldest industries in the world. The shipping industry is probably......(read more)
Countries with largest oil reserves

11 Largest Oil Reserves By Country In The World in 2020

The 11 largest oil reserves by country in the world in 2020 indicate the countries which may not be typical superpowers, but undeniably hold a lot of......(read more)
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Top 15 Defense Contractors in the World in 2020

With nearly $300 billion in revenue, the top 15 defense contractors in the world in 2020 prove that the world is far from peace, and that the global superpowers......(read more)

11 Companies That Caught Lying To The Public, Deceived Customers

While companies attempt to put on a friendly face to entice customers, things are often different behind the scenes as evidenced by 11 companies that......(read more)

10 Countries with the Highest Coffee Consumption in the World

Coffee will never go out of fashion, as evidenced by the 10 countries with the highest coffee consumption in the world. There is nothing better in the......(read more)
Market Crash

10 Stocks That Went Up During The 2008 Crash

What are some of the stocks that went up during the 2008 crash? The Great Recession that occurred globally caused untold financial losses, crippling the......(read more)
Movies About Amnesia on Netflix

10 Movies About Amnesia on Netflix

If you’re wondering whether the onscreen representation of amnesia represents the real thing, you should check out the 10 movies about amnesia on Netflix......(read more)
Busiest Ocean Trade Routes in the World

20 Countries With Highest Military Spending In The World

While the world may be edging towards peace, you would not think so when looking at the 20 countries with highest military spending in the world. War......(read more)

10 Countries That Smoke The Least

The global trends in cigarette smoking have decreased over time, as evidenced by the 10 countries that smoke the least. Smoking is one of the most harmful......(read more)
Highest Paid CEOs In the World

10 Highest Paid CEOs in the World in 2019

With combined annual earnings of over three billion dollars, the 10 highest paid CEOs in the world in 2019 prove that disparity of income is not just......(read more)

10 Countries that Smoke the Most Cigarettes in the World

While the overall level of cigarette smokers in the world may have decreased, the 10 countries that smoke the most cigarettes in the world still have......(read more)

15 Believable Excuses for Skipping Class in Middle School

If you feel like death is a better option than going to school, these 15 believable excuses for skipping class in middle school are exactly what you......(read more)
Easiest Songs To Play On The Piano

10 Easiest Popular Songs to Play on Piano

If you’ve got a piano but are finding it too hard to play, the 10 easiest popular songs to play on piano will definitely change your mind! For me, the......(read more)
Top US Cities for Human Trafficking in 2018

10 Human Trafficking Stories in America

The 10 human trafficking stories in America that we shared below are a stark reminder that the world’s superpower still has a lot to do to improve......(read more)
Best Tinder Bios for Tall Guys

10 Countries With Most Unfaithful Wives

Did you ever wonder what are the countries with most unfaithful wives or if there even exists that kind of research? Naturally, with a delicate subject......(read more)

15 Most Important Medical Discoveries of 2018

Science has helped us in ways we never would have imagined possible, as evidenced by the 15 most important medical discoveries of 2018. Can you think......(read more)
Most Racist Countries Against Blacks in the World

15 Most Racist Countries in Europe

While Europe is considered to be the most cultured and accepting continent in the world, the 15 most racist countries in Europe may just change the impression......(read more)
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9 Controversial Conspiracy Theories About Princess Diana’s Death

Few events have had as great a global impact as Diana’s death, which has spurned countless theories, including the following 9 controversial conspiracy......(read more)
Professions with the Highest Drug Abuse Rates

Top 20 Most Addicted, Drug Infested Cities in America in 2017

In a dark alley, a man takes his last breath as a syringe falls out of his pocket; another American dream has died in the top 20 most addicted, drug infested......(read more)
Countries with the Smallest Government Per Capita in the World

15 Biggest US Government Cover Ups of All Time

The US government claims to be the moral police guiding the world, but it has always been a majorly corrupt institution as demonstrated by the biggest......(read more)

10 Most Racist States Towards Muslims

Ever since 9/11 occurred, the US has been unable to forgive Muslims for the acts of a few, as evidenced by the list of most racist states towards Muslims......(read more)
Least Racist Countries in the World in 2018

15 Least Racist States in America Ranked By Hate Crimes in 2017

To come up with the list of the least racist states in America ranked by hate crimes in 2017, we first need to research the history of racism. Racism......(read more)
8 Easiest Gangs to Join and Get Out Of

35 Worst, Most Dangerous, Ghettoest Cities In America in 2017 Ranked By FBI

If America focused on its own issues rather than attempting (and failing) to be the savior of the underdeveloped world, maybe the streets of the 35 worst......(read more)

11 Countries with the Highest Beef Consumption Per Person

While ago I was talking with a friend and since we are both meat lovers, we ended up discussing the countries with the highest beef consumption per person......(read more)
Doctor Specialties with Best Lifestyle

15 Most Depressed Countries in the World in 2017

Our list of the most depressed countries in the world in 2017 is a stark reminder of the existence of a serious illness, which is underdiagnosed and often......(read more)
10 Cities with the Worst Air Pollution in the US

15 Countries that Are the Biggest Contributors to Global Warming and Climate Change

The recent devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma is a timely reminder about how global warming can wreak havoc on the world, and for......(read more)

10 Countries that Eat the Most Pork Per Person in the World

The deliciousness of pork cannot be understated, as evidenced by the 10 countries that eat the most pork per person in the world. Despite around 1.8......(read more)

12 Countries With the Most Slaves Today

While we like to think of slavery as a thing of the past, these countries with the most slaves today are a reminder that this abhorrent practice is far......(read more)
8 Easiest Gangs to Join and Get Out Of

12 Biggest Organized Crime Groups in America

In the land of dreams, crime runs rampant as evidenced by the 12 biggest organized crime groups in America. So what exactly is the definition of organized......(read more)
11 Most Elite Military Special Forces Branches in the US

Pixelated Digital Camouflage vs. Traditional Camouflage For Hunting and Combat

Today, we will discuss the pros and cons of pixelated digital camouflage vs. traditional camouflage for hunting and combat. Warfare has become incredibly......(read more)

10 Most Advanced Countries in Engineering

Engineering is one of the most important fields out there currently, and the most advanced countries in engineering have taken full advantage of this......(read more)

25 Least Racist Countries in The World

If other countries followed the example set by the least racist countries in the world, the world would be a much better place to live in. You would think......(read more)
Most Racist Countries Against Blacks in the World

7 Most Racist Countries in Africa

If you are scouting to see what are the most racist countries in Africa, you are in the right place. Racism in Africa has been an issue that existed......(read more)

7 US States That Didn’t Recognize The Armenian Genocide Until Recently

While you might think that if a genocide occurred and was factually documented, it would be a globally accepted event and a reminder of the depth humanity......(read more)
Least Racist Countries in the World in 2018

7 Most Racist Countries in Latin America

With racism re-emerging as one of the bigger problems in the post-globalization era, let’s have a look at the most racist countries in Latin America......(read more)
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10 Most Advanced Countries in Education

Education is thought of as being the key to the progress of a nation which is why it may be interesting to look at the most advanced countries in education......(read more)

7 Biggest Loser Contestants: Where Are They Now

The Biggest Loser series has run on US television for over 17 seasons and it has made us all wonder one thing about Biggest Loser contestants: where are......(read more)
Highest Suicidal States in America in 2018

11 Professions With The Highest Suicide Rates in Australia

The 11 professions with the highest suicide rates in Australia prove that the stress of a job can literally kill you. Australia is an amazing country......(read more)

25 Cities With The Highest STD Rates in America

The 25 cities with the highest STD rates in America are evidence that while the people in the country love sex they give little thought to the protection......(read more)

10 Countries With The Highest STD Rates in the Developed World

The 10 countries with the highest STD rates in the developed world serve as a reminder that no matter how far we have come combating diseases, the war......(read more)

11 States With The Highest STD Rates in America

America loves sex, but doesn’t seem to think much about protection, especially in the states with the highest STD rates in America. Sexually transmitted......(read more)

10 Most Xenophobic Countries in Europe

The 10 most xenophobic countries in Europe are a prime example of the fact that Europe is not quite as progressive as it is made out to be. Europe is......(read more)

10 Countries With The Highest HIV Rates in Europe

While you might consider HIV to be a virus prevalent only in Africa, the 10 countries with the highest HIV rates in Europe prove otherwise. When HIV......(read more)

10 States With The Highest HIV Rates in America

The 10 states with the highest HIV rates in America indicate that the dream of eradicating the virus is far from becoming a reality at the moment.......(read more)