16 High Paying Jobs without a Degree

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If you are looking for a list of high paying jobs without a degree, you are at the right place. The labor market has changed drastically over the past decades, and everyone who is thinking about their future should consider this.

Finding a job and building a successful career is not easy, we all know that. But we should definitively change the way we think about our future and focus on getting skills that are valued on the market. So, we must stop thinking that specializing in one area and getting a degree will give us a stable job. Instead, looking for jobs that require only a high school diploma and care more about different skills we have is the right thing to do. Of course, the main purpose why we need a job is getting a salary and you can see that most of these jobs will pay you lot of money.

16 High Paying Jobs without Degree

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Some of the jobs you will see may look strange, but I guarantee that you have already heard about most of them. The point is that all of them are very profitable, which is the main reason why many people choose to try them, rather than looking for traditional jobs. Plus, they don’t require any special diploma or experience, making them available for everyone who is willing to work something unusual. You can also see our similar article – 11 Odd Jobs that Pay the Most without a Degree, which we are about to expand wit 16 new jobs.

For creating our list of high paying no-degree jobs, we checked several legit sources. Thanks to BusinessInsider,  CareerCast and AOL, we managed to find the most popular jobs without degree. However, for finding the median salaries we used a credible source, showing the latest changes in the labor market – Bureau of Labor Statistics. In case you don’t know median salary, or salary in the middle, means that half of the workers earned less than that. Without more delays, let’s go through the list of high paying jobs without a degree.

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