20 Good Debate Topics for Elementary Students

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If you need fresh ideas for debates for kids then read our list of 20 good debate topics for elementary students.

We recently mentioned how the school helps us develop certain skills that are needed later in life although we may not be aware of that fact while we are at school. At that age, there are quite a few things we don’t understand actually. But nevertheless, some school activities like debates help us become better speakers. Debates help us shape our rhetorical skills, and teach us to research, organize, and present information. They do wonders for our confidence and self-esteem. In addition, they teach us how to use our brains and present reasoned arguments instead of simply fighting with other people which is not cool at all. We discussed the numerous benefits that debates have in one of our previous articles, such as the fact that through debating children are actually preparing for the future without even knowing it. Since it is not possible for two or more people to completely agree on everything in life, we need to learn how to accept different opinions as everyone has the right to have an opinion. When debating, students often have to represent a point of view they might not agree with and they have to do it like they truly mean it. They need to come up with the best arguments they can to defend a certain attitude, regardless of their own opinion.

20 Good Debate Topics For Elementary Students


Another important thing children learn through debates is teamwork as they have to work together and give their best to successfully represent the position they may or may not agree with. Teamwork is a skill that all employers seek when interviewing candidates for a job so as soon as we acquire this skill the better.

But there are more benefits from debates. For example, it helps them to learn how to separate the speaker from the words spoken. Sometimes people do not hold the opinion they represent, even though it appears so. That is why we must separate those two and we must never take it personally. If a person is arguing against something that we represent, it may not necessarily mean that they disagree with it. It is simply their task to do so. This is important as we will often come across situations like these in our adulthood and we need to learn how to deal with them.

In conclusion, debates are great because they help develop critical thinking and enable us to express our opinion in a compelling way. Choosing a topic for a debate can be quite a challenge so we’re here to help. In one of our previous articles we wrote about 11 Fun Debate Topics for Kindergarten, and today we made an effort to find great debate topics for elementary school students. We found some of the ideas on Buzzle and Kids World, but some of them are simply common knowledge based on kids interest nowadays. Check out our 20 good debate topics for elementary students.

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