4 BYOB Pasta Making Classes in NYC

For those who want to learn how to cook a delicious pasta but they find the regular cooking classes boring, we created a list of 4 BYOB pasta making classes in NYC to make your experience more interesting and fun.

There are countless recipes for delicious dishes and specialties you can cook with pasta like lasagna, macaroni, spaghetti and ravioli among other things. In every country you can eat pasta, but, there is only one country that is known for their pasta recipes and that is, as you guessed it, Italy. If you have been in Italy and you want to remember that same exact taste, or you haven’t been but want to see what is all the fuss about their tasty pasta is, we recommend you to sign up for one of the 15 Recreational Italian Cooking Classes in NYC.

4 BYOB Pasta Making Classes in NYC


Many people find it easier to go to a restaurant and order a meal instead of cooking, but cooking has a ton of benefits and can be a lot of fun. For starters, it can be a lot healthier to cook your own meals and to bypass eating out all the time, which can potentially lead to problems with cholesterol. Cooking can also be really relaxing after a long day’s work. And of course, it’s typically way cheaper than eating out. As much as I love going to a great restaurant, some days I just don’t feel like going through all the work of going out to eat and would much rather have a home cooked meal. 

While we were writing our list, we consulted Class Curious and used their database as our source to get an idea of the best BYOB pasta-making classes around New York City. Our list isn’t in any particular order, but is meant to provide you with a few options for classes in the city. However, keep in mind that since all of these classes are “bring your own beverage,” so you need to bring your ID with you, and you need to be in a legal drinking age.

Continue to check out our list and see 4 BYOB pasta making classes in NYC that will tickle your tastebuds.