10 Most Profitable Dogs to Breed and Sell

If you’re a dog lover who is also a high flyer with a sense for investment, you’re absolutely going to love our article on most profitable dogs to breed and sell.

Oh, what an adorable pooch! – how many times have you said or thought this? Plus, you also wished to have a whole bunch of puppies jumping up and down. Though it’s all very nice (not to mention fluffy and delightful), in cold harsh reality you know it takes a lot of time, effort, and, well, money if you wish to have a litter in your backyard. However, fear not. We have done all the gruesome work for you and found the best species to breed and eventually sell when the occasion for a nice new home arises.

10 Most Profitable Dogs to Breed and Sell

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Everyone knows some canine types can be much more demanding than the others, be it due to their personality or medical expenses. Unfortunately, some species are notorious for their problems, such as bulldog’s hard breathing. With some breed, you know frequent visits to the vet are inevitable, and there is no such thing as a cuteness discount. Proper grooming is necessary, too. Annual costs of styling some dogs’ hair are also a factor to take into account since they can be (shockingly) high. Therefore, we first analyzed the list of most expensive dogs to keep by GOBankingRates, which comprises dog breeds based on their total costs including purchase price, grooming, and healthcare. We paid special attention to reproduction. Naturally, the more puppies there are in a litter, the higher your income. Therefore, if the species requires special treatment for that, it had to be ranked low on our list of most profitable dogs to breed and sell. With some dogs, certain diseases are to appear later in life, but when talking business, reproduction challenges are a serious issue. Next, we checked out which dog breeds are the most expensive to buy and explored the lists by Care, The Dog Digest and even Women’s Day  to ensure which types are the most prominent in the lists. Hounds which cost the highest are bound to bring you the highest revenue, right? We chose different websites on purpose to see if the results match no matter what the principal base of the site is, as long as they provide reliable data.

By the way, you might want to check 9 most profitable reptiles, pets and farm animals to breed in America if you wonder what other animals you might invest in. Surely your pups won’t mind at least some of them. The more, the merrier, right?

Speaking of the numbers and multitude, it is a fact known by any decent entrepreneur that you must have the right customers if you wish to earn money in any kind of sales, including dogs. Naturally, we turned our attention to  American Kennel Club for official information on the most popular dog breeds as it is undoubtedly a deciding factor.

Finally, after comparing the overall expenses, prices and demand, we present to you the most profitable dogs to breed and sell.