20 Best Places To Meet Singles in NYC

What are the best places to meet singles in NYC?

It’s no easy task meeting the right person when you’re single in a city like New York. If you’re a hopeless romantic and searching for love, take a look at our list of best places to meet singles in NYC.

New York City has a reputation for having a huge portion of its population identify as single and not looking to settle down anytime soon. This is certainly true to some extent, however, because there are so many people in the city, there are still those who are out there looking for love. If you happen to fall in that demographic then you could use our list to hook up with some new people. Whether you are looking for a serious relationship, or just casual fun, you can definitely use our list for those purposes. You can expect to see all the usual suspects in our list like, bars, shops, and other places where people gather. However, not every bar you come across in NYC is the ideal place to meet other people. It’s all about the atmosphere, the vibe and theme of the place. Some places will outright put you off, and some places will have you all excited and ready to look for love. People, specifically singles know about these places and many come here for meeting and hooking up with other singles. If you are looking for singles in their 30s and 40s, then I highly recommend that you also check out 10 Professional 30s And 40s Singles Events in NYC. This will narrow down your search quite a bit.

When looking for love, you definitely want to be smart when going about the process. A lot of times, the places you go determines the type of people you’ll find. For example, you’ll find a different group of people at your local dive bar, than you would find at an upscale bar. So, that’s something you’ll want to remember when searching for other singles.

To research this topic, we sought help from Class Curious and we also did a simple Google Search, then we compiled them into a list. It’s not easy to rank these places in any particular order for our list. While one person may have success meeting lots of singles at a particular place, another may not have the same success. And depending on where you live in New York City, some of the places may be more conveniently located for you.

Let’s help you put your best foot forward and possibly help you find your soulmate with this list of best places to meet singles in NYC.

20. Bondurants

Starting off our list is Bondurants. It is a bar, and bars can be the perfect places to hook up with singles. If you live in the vicinity of the Upper East Side, then you just cannot go wrong with Bondurants. The place has pretty positive reviews and is quite popular when it comes to meeting singles.

20 Best Places To Meet Singles in NYC