11 Countries That Consume the Most Pasta

Pasta is a delicacy to some but quite the ordinary everyday meal for people living in the 11 countries that consume the most pasta. Pasta is defined as a type of noodle staple food for various cultures, mainly in Italy. It is usually made of a special type of flour mixed with water and as far as variation are concerned, there are way more than you’d ever want to know. Basically, pasta can be of two types – fresh and dried. From then on, the types branch into hundreds that then get even more complex, as each is known under different names depending on who you ask.

One thing’s for sure, though – pasta is a very basic dish that can be prepared in numerous combinations. What is more, it goes well with basically everything due to its very neutral nature as far as taste and texture go. It can also be prepared for any meal during the day, from breakfast to dinner, including snacks. Pasta, aside from utterly delicious, can also be very nutritious, depending on the type of wheat it was made from. It can contain certain minerals and vitamins such as vitamin B, potassium, zinc, iron, and calcium. Furthermore, pasta is very easy to produce from the zero which has received attention from several organizations which plan to try and combat hunger stricken zones of the world with it.

If you like to have your pasta with a beautiful view and glass of fine wine, we have the list of the 11 countries that consume the most alcohol in the world. However, people who think pasta and wine should go together as we set off on the starch-filled journey through the list of the 11 countries that consume the most pasta worldwide.