16 Most Hated Companies in America

There is no doubt as far as the public opinion regarding the 16 most hated companies in America goes. Due to bad service, shady practices or a well-crafted combination of the two, all these companies are the evil giants in the nation’s eyes. Do all of them deserve the hate? Maybe, maybe not. Lots of them have a lot of controversy behind their backs, and lots of them still have at least one controversial ongoing practice.

There is lots that bad reputation could do to a business, especially in the bottom brink of the chain where the customers are. However, for many of these, individuals are either not the direct buyer/user or are forced to use the company’s services due to there being little to no available other options or competition. The case in which a company forms a monopoly over a given region, forcing its residents to either use their services or have none at all is anything but unheard of. After all, there are ways in which laws can be circumvented to allow that and enforce it. Ethics are not a strong side of any of these businesses at least towards their customers. And, if you think that unethical behavior is sometimes necessary for business, you might be wrong; compare this list below with our list of the Most Profitable Businesses to find out if some of these most hated companies are among the most profitable ones, or not.

Poor customer support is not the only problem, though. There are several spikes of cases which speak of abuse in the form of asking for unagreed upon fees, ending or upgrading people’s subscription plans or other types of services without notifying them and many more. While most of these are waved off as a “mistake” from the given business, in the life of an individual who struggles to make ends meet, such a mistake can be disastrous. However, for many of these businesses, unhappy customers wouldn’t be able to make any sort of change. You can rant about that freshly opened seafood restaurant and arbitrarily cause its failure to attract more customers but for many of these businesses, any real danger could only be losing clients in the tens of thousands quickly. Despite many people’s choice to not support a business they see as unethical, that company’s operation would not be affected strongly in cases such as these due to the fact that masses of people rely on them as their only option. Let’s look at them.