11 Places to Visit in South Korea Before You Die

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Looking for places to visit in South Korea before you die? South Korea is a unique experience in itself, and there are many places to visit in the country that are not only safe but very interesting too. Being deeply rooted in culture and yet totally urbanized, the country has a lot of experiences in store for its guests, from Karaoke rooms to Jimjilbangs or Korean bath houses. The people are mainly hospitable and there is a plethora of things to learn. However, all that can be a bit overwhelming when you’re running on a tight schedule and there are too many options to explore at once.

Hence, our list of places to visit in South Korea before you die is here to help you and make sure you’re not wasting your time while traveling the country of so many possibilities. Sticking to the best known options can be a helpful tool for time management after all.

With the Korean entertainment industry gaining popularity world over, which is being termed as the ‘Hallyu wave’, South Korea has emerged as one of the Most Popular Travel Destinations in Asia. You might be the one bitten by the Hallyu bug recently and are itching to visit the lovely locations you have seen in the movies. Or you might just be in the country for work, teaching English or for an exchange program. In any case these are the places in the country that you should absolutely not miss visiting. So let’s set out to explore one of the cultural hubs of the world, and make sure you stock up on Kimchi and packs of Ramyun, while you are at it!

11. Seoul

First stop is the capital city of Seoul. The biggest metropolis of the country is a perfect example of pop culture meeting cultural heritage. It is the most technologically advanced and yet has its fair share of temples and palaces that bring it very close to its roots. If you just want to test the waters, Seoul is the perfect place to start out with. There are clubs, restaurants and pubs in abundance. It is bustling with energy and, who knows, you might spot some K-pop artists also. And, don’t forget to visit the N Seoul Tower and take part in some fun activities.


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