11 Best Places to Visit in USA Without A Car

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Driving isn’t always necessary on a vacation, especially when you check out the 11 best places to visit in the USA without a car.

Driving is expensive, especially when you’re on a trip, and you have to constantly get gas because of traffic and long drive times. If you fly somewhere and you choose to drive to your destination, you’ll have to pay for a rental car, which is ridiculously expensive as well. There are benefits to driving, such as total freedom over where you want to go and going places in your own time, but in some places, it’s just not feasible.

The destinations on our list are placed that people not just from the US but other countries frequent often. These cities have pretty good public transportation systems for when you’re not in the mood to walk an extremely long distance. This also helps cut down on sitting in dreaded traffic. There’s nothing worse than seeing pedestrians on the street going faster than your car. You lose so much time sitting in the car that could be better spent seeing the sites.

The primary benefit to not driving on a vacation is the money you’ll save. There are a variety of benefits to public transit vs. private transit. It’s much cheaper to take a bus or a train than it is to fill up your tank with gas.

I prefer going to cities where I don’t have to drive. It’s extremely stressful to navigate a new area in a car because when you’re trying to listen to your navigation from your phone, you end up missing the exit and getting lost. So much time is wasted on figuring out the map and I’d much rather wander around and have a little extra cash in my pocket.

To choose the best places to visit in the USA without a car, we took to recommendations from reputable sources like Investopedia, NBC News, Pub Tran Travel, and Grist. If you’re planning a getaway, our list is the best place to help you lay down a basic travel plan.

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