10 Easiest Cities to Move to in America

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50 equally beautiful states, but have you ever wondered which of them has the 10 easiest cities to move to in America?

The United States of America has long been known to be the home of the most powerful nation in the world. Their states and cities offer great privileges including quality healthcare, high annual household income, and an overall great quality of life. Every state in the US has its own pros and cons, which is why it might be hard to decide where to move.

Why do people tend to move to the city anyway? According to Time, housing numbers in America showed how a major chunk of their population is now abandoning the rural areas for the busy cities. It is quite an expected change after the Industrial Revolution when people chose the countryside as their home because of the peace and quiet. Now that more and more opportunities arise in the cities, it is no surprise that people from all walks of life would want to move there to live and get a job.

Moving from city to city has been a trend for quite awhile now — especially with millennials who seem to always be on the move to chase their dreams and achieve their goals. The current turn of the tides in American cities seem to favor people who move there–lower housing median prices, shorter walks to work, more peaceful surroundings. City life today does not always mean populated streets, polluted environment, high taxes, and high prices. There are some with great opportunities, peace, and order working together.

In this list, we compiled the 10 easiest cities to move to in America. We used four points in ranking them: the Average Home Price for each city, and three other points with Sperling’s Best Places as the source — Unemployment Rate to know how easy it is to get a job there, Expected Job Growth in the next ten years, and the Cost of Living Index.

People usually look for qualities they missed from where they have been before, like a lower cost of living, lower rent rates, better health care, better security, and a better neighborhood. A city will be easy to move to when you are assured that the quality of life you will have is really good. For starters, just because a city has a low cost of the living index doesn’t mean that it has low-quality healthcare, overpopulated neighborhoods, and no jobs available. The cities that made it to this list are cities with a cost of living that is better than most, and those that offer a great quality of life without requiring its residents to spend so much. Although we all have different perspectives on how to tell if a city is easy to move in to, the criteria used in this list seem to be the common values we all look for in the place we will live in.

It would also be an advantage to live in a city that does not require you to have a car. For more information on that, you can read about the 10 Easiest Cities to Live Without a Car.

Now, before moving to a city, it is wise to research about those facts. It is believed that a city is easiest to move in to when the city has a low unemployment rate, meaning more jobs are in store for newcomers, the expected job growth is higher than the average (national average is 37.98 percent), average home prices are low, and the cost of living is low.

Now, let’s see which cities made it to our list of easiest cities to move to in America.

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