How To Tell If Someone Is Cheating On You On Facebook

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We hope that this reveal of how to tell if someone is cheating on you on Facebook will be something you will never have to actually use, but it has interesting facts nonetheless.

According to some studies, 30% to 60% of married people in the United States will become unfaithful at some point. Although it seems like a lot, this number shouldn’t surprise you at all. There are no statistics for people who cheat in other relationships, but the number is likely higher. Also, statistically men cheat more than women, but there isn’t much of a difference. While people have cheated in the past, they now cheat a lot more. With modern technologies, the world became a big playground for those who want to have an affair and they have all the tools to do so. It is hard to find other reasons for the increase of infidelity than technology. Through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the rest of social media, people are constantly encouraged to broaden their horizons and communicate with people outside their friendship circle. We humans often think the grass is greener on the other side, so we get carried away and slip.

If you still want to argue that technology doesn’t have such a serious impact on infidelity, just take a look at Ashley Madison. It is a web page that is purely aimed at people who are married or in a relationship to find someone to have an affair with. Currently, there are 46 million people trying (and probably succeeding) to have an affair.

According to our article Lover Beware: The 8 Countries that Cheat the Most, people cheat all around the world. So, why do people cheat? And, how to tell if someone is cheating on you on Facebook? We have heard this question countless times and there is no one who can answer it in a proper way. Most of the people claim that they cheat because there are some things (sexual or other) they lack in their relationship. And ask anyone who cheated or cheats about their reasons for doing so. They will all say the same. How close is that to the truth? Doing research for the article, I read about a guy who was married for 20 years and decided to cheat on his wife using Ashley Madison. He didn’t go too far since the hacks happened and he came clean to his wife in fear of being exposed. The best thing in this article is that he admits he didn’t have trouble finding a flaw in his marriage once he decided to cheat. One survey came to the result that more than 50% of married men who turned to cheating said they are happy with their marriage. This is the best explanation for why people cheat. They want to, and that’s the fact. All other reasons are just excuses. One study has even shown that 74% of men and 68% of women would have no problems engaging in an affair if they would be sure that they won’t be caught.

Everything depends on the way you perceive cheating. The most obvious form of cheating is physical infidelity, but with the introduction of social media, especially Facebook, different ways of cheating emerged. This is where people’s opinions are divided. While some say that online flirting should be definitely considered cheating, other disagree and say that this isn’t something that should be considered equal with the physical form of cheating. No matter where do you stand on this, the fact is that online flirting will often lead to some kind of physical cheating. The king of online flirting is Facebook.

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