10 Easiest Four Chord Songs For Beginners

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Greetings future all-star guitarists, are you ready to learn 10 easiest four chord songs for beginners? Learning these songs will not be difficult, and you won’t find yourself in the temptation to leave your guitar in a corner.

I will share a personal experience with you about my guitar playing beginnings. As soon as I purchased my first guitar, I wanted to tackle some of my favorite songs like “Paranoid,” “Tears in Heaven” and other rock classics, but I hardly knew how to hold a guitar. After few months of sloppy attempts, I have given up and moved on; convinced it was not meant to be. Then, almost a half year later when I was on a winter break, I didn’t have anything better to do and I decided to try it again. This time, however, I decided to go small. I’ve practiced the opening riff of “Smoke on the Water,” and then learned parts of “Come as You Are.” That minor success encouraged me to move forward learning the basic chords.  I didn’t even like the first song I learned to play in full, but I was proud of myself and it turned out to be a great stepping stone.

My point is that you have to be realistic with your abilities and take it slow when it comes to playing guitar. Lots of beginners aren’t patient enough, and when they fail to make significant progress, they give up. To master the art of playing guitar, you have to practice a lot. That includes practicing song you are not crazy about. Even if you don’t like country music, go through our list of 11 Super Easy Country Guitar Songs for Beginners. You may find a song that fits you, and that you can easily learn. Every song you learn how to play will take you to more complex ones and raise your confidence.

To find the 10 easiest four chord songs for beginners, we searched through “up to 4 chords guitar songs” database on Guitar Player Box. Each of the 362 listed songs has a difficulty level ranging from the basic one to expert. So, we picked 10 that had 4 chords, were “first chord” level and didn’t require a capo. Also, we made sure that there is something for everyone and that the songs use basic chords like Am, C, D, E, Em, and G. So, let’s start with the list.

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