10 Countries with Worst Roads in the World

Whenever you go on a trip around the world, one thing you are concerned about if you are a driver is the state of the roads, so we wanted to find out which are the countries with the worst roads in the world.

There are many things that make roads qualify for being “the worse,” such as the number of deaths due to road accidents, for instance. That alone, of course, is not enough to tell whether a country’s roads are bad or not, but adding in how many cars there are – with the more cars the higher chances of accidents and of roads becoming unusable due to the wear of the asphalt-, a country’s road length and the number of kilometers of express motorways, as well as the GDP per capita, should help form a better picture.

In order to create our list today, we gathered info from the World Health Organization and NationMaster, a site that collects info from the world’s governments, putting together various statistics so we can all compare them easier. We were interested in the above-mentioned criteria.

Pixabay / Public Domain

Pixabay / Public Domain

This won’t tell you, of course, just which country has the craziest drivers in the world, although you might be able to tell by the YouTube videos that they either live in Russia, or on some Greek island where common driving rules are ignored.

It will also not tell you which are the worst cities to drive in the US, which is Los Angeles if you need to know, although the worst cities to drive in 2016 list was led by Washington DC, according to a list published by Forbes.

If you’re wondering what the situation is like across the pond, well, the list of the worst countries to drive in Europe is led by Estonia, but it doesn’t make it on today’s list. On the other hand, the Conde Nast Traveler site puts Romania’s capital Bucharest at the top of the list of the worst places to drive in Europe, and given how congested the traffic is here day in and day out, we’d have to agree.

There are many other locations, however, that can be considered among the safest places to drive in the world, such as these 11 countries with the best roads in the world, where the United Arab Emirates tops the charts. The quality of the roads, the traffic laws, and the number of cars make these nations some of the safest countries to drive in.

That being said, here are the 10 countries with the worst roads in the world.