11 Strongest Kids in the World

These 11 strongest kids in the world may be just kids now, but soon they will be feared by many adults.

We often enjoy learning about something mysterious or controversial, such as mysterious photos that science cannot explain, or UFO sightings. But today, we’ll talk about something really extraordinary that has nothing to do with mystery, aliens or science-power kids.

Most kids at the age of 5 or 7 spend their time playing with other kids and learning to read and write. And that’s what kids at that age are supposed to do, right? At least we think so. The truth is that by the time they reach 7, certain kids are no longer into playing games. They are more interested in some things you would deem to be for adults only, like powerlifting.

11 Strongest Kids in the World


These super kids are so strong they can beat up any adult if they ever got into a fight. How did they get so strong, you ask? Well, first of all unlike most of the people, these kids start lifting weights as toddlers while the rest of us start working out much later in life (or never). There’s no big secret or a superpower involved, these kids simply worked hard literally from the beginning of their lives and now they are probably stronger than any adult you know. They are like superheroes, and some of them even get invited to star in TV shows often. Giuliano Stroe, the strongest kid in the world 2016, for example, started lifting weights at the age of 2 which is almost a baby. Well, the world’s strongest baby, to be more precise. Need a moment to process that information? We were shocked to learn that too. Moreover, his younger brother Claudio also started lifting at the age of 2. It’s a family of power kids. In 2010, the strongest kid in the world was Andrew Hendrich, the 8-year-old who set the world record for bench press, lifting up 57 ½ pounds. Knowing that his weight at the time was 54 pounds, his accomplishment truly sounds astonishing.

One of the other kids we will talk about today, a Ukrainian boy Andrey Kostash, started training a little later but still very early, at the age of 5. These kids simply couldn’t wait until they were older to start training and they wanted to be the strongest in the class. No doubt, probably no one dares to mess with these kids at school.

Some of these super kids are teenagers or grown-ups now, and they have accomplished a lot in their young lives. World’s strongest kids now can be a source of motivation for all of us who can’t make it the to gym twice a week and find a bunch of excuses every time we have to go.

To inspire you and to remind ourselves how persistent kids can be when they set their mind to something, we’ve prepared a list of the strongest kids in the world. Some of them are young adults now while others are still kids. We watched a bunch of YouTube videos and read many articles to compile data on the topic. When we singled out the strongest ones, we ranked them according to their age. We present to you 11 strongest kids in the world.